Why Blue Whale Safari?

Undoubtedly, to enjoy an unforgettable experience in the Red Sea, the best and most comfortable is to make a safari / life on board since you can access a multitude of dive points where the diving centers that do not come from coast or By distance or by the necessary logistics. If you want to dive, take advantage of the weather in the best way
The freedom that gives you embark and sunrise at the dive points, ready to explore the Red Sea, can only be done through a diving or lifeboat safari on board. Forget to carry the equipment, to mount and dismount, to transport to the hotel, to choose a restaurant for dinner. Our ship is a floating hotel and dive center, all amenities on the high seas.

Passport and flight time

The information from the passports should be sent to the office of BWS, two weeks before departure at the latest. The following declarations are required: family name, first name, nationality, passport number, flight number, time of arrival and departure. Make sure that the passport is valid for at least 6 months. In unexpected cases such as delays of departures and arrivals, BWS cannot be held responsible or liable. Please bring with you a copy of the passport and the voucher from your travel agency to your safari tour as well.

What else to pack

SUNCREAM!!! – protect your skin!
The Egyptian sun is very strong – don’t get burned!
SUNGLASSES!!! – protect your eyes!
It is sunny almost all year in Egypt and reflections on the water can be very bright!
Any medication you may need – there are well stocked medical kits onboard, but if you know you are prone to ear problems or sea sickness, it is best to come prepared!

Check in and check out from the boat

We need time to load the boats, to clean and do small maintenance therefor we ask for your cooperation on arrival day that check in can not be before 06:00 pm. In case you check in before 06:00 pm, please have consideration for the crew if they are still cleaning or loading the boat. The check out time is normally at 10:00 am on your departure day at the lastest. Due to organizational reasons it might occur that you will have to stay in a hotel (half-board) as our guest for the last night of your trip.


Each diver has to be able to verify a completed diving training and at least some additional dives to join to a liveaboard. For diving cruises which are going to the marine parks you need to have at least 50 logged dives as per regulation by the Egyptian law. For cruises to the Deep South we strongly recommend a minimum of 30 logged dives. The last dive should be made not longer than six months ago before the diving cruise starts. If one of these requirements is not fulfilled our dive guides have the right to exclude the diver from certain dives during the diving trip. In addition the dive guides can change the route according to the training level and the experience of the divers. Don´t forget to bring your logbook and diving certification as well as your Nitrox certification if you wish to dive with enriched air.

The Red Sea Assosiation rules state that all divers have to fill out a self declaration medical statement before diving in the Red Sea. Please bring along with you the latest medical diving examination from your doctor.

In case of a diving accident and to cover the costs of emergency like decompression chamber we recommend a diving insurance.

According to Egyptian law there are some points which need to be considered for the environmental and safety control:

feeding of fishes and birds is forbidden
wearing gloves is generally prohibited for divers
touching, walking or standing on corals breaks and kills them
collecting or demolition of corals or shells is forbidden
the maximum diving depth is 40m as per regulation according to Egyptian law
decompression and solo dives are not allowed
night-dives are generally forbidden in the marine parks of the Red Sea
to walk on Zabargad and Rocky Island is prohibited
Equipment requirements:

dive computer (spare batteries recommended)
mask, snorkel, fins and boots (if necessary)
regulator with alternative air source
torch for night-dives
suit ( 3-7mm) depending of the season
some spare parts (like mask, fin straps, repair kit, o-rings, batteries)
If rental equipment or 15l tanks is needed please contact your travel agency latest two weeks before starting your diving trip. To continue your diving training we offer some courses – such as Nitrox course, AOWD course or different specialties. Please send your inquiry and request already with your booking.

General tour process: depending on route and weather conditions

transfer from the airport and check in on board on the arrival day at 06:00 pm
leaving the marina on the next day before noon (by authority)
first day: 3 dives
day 2-5: 3-4 dives per day
day 6 (last day before departure): 2 dives, according to your departure time, 24 hours surface time recommended before flight and back into the marina
depending on organization or because of technical reasons it is possible to accommodate our guests last night in a hotel
day 7: check out and transfer back to the airport

Climate and Clothing

At the Red Sea you have dry desert climate. During summer months the air temperature is around 35C° or higher with a water temperature from 26C° to 30C°. In the winter the evenings and even the daytimes are colder and the water temperatures are between 19c° ans 23C°. A wind-jacket or warm pullover is generally recommended. On board you just need summer clothes but the wind is mostly present – so do not forget to protect your ears. Respecting the culture and rules here in Egypt sunning topless for women is not permitted.

Harbor of departure and arrival

Depends on the tour and is fixed before booking.

Arrival at the airport and transfer to the boat

As soon as you enter the arrival terminal our transfer operator will welcome you with a sign of BWS. He will take care of your visa (stamp) and gives you additional information about your transfer from the airport to the boat. During longer transfers we provide a lunch box and drinks.

Transfer times:
Airport Hurghada / New Marina Hurghada – approximately 15 minutes
Airport Hurghada / Port Galeb – approximately 3,5 hours
Aiport Marsa Alam / Port Galeb – approximately 10 minutes

On Board

The language on board is English. All our dive guides speak English and some of them German, Spanish or Russian.

Street footwear is not allowed onboard of all BWS boats. Outside the cabins and the salon you can wear flip-flops or light sailing shoes if desired.

The electricity supply onboard is European two-pin 220V/50Hz. As well there is a charging point for cameras and torches on the diving decks.

WIFI can be used onboard and is free of charge. It will be available wherever is a signal for mobile phones. Please note that the Egyptian internet and mobile phone connection is not like European standard and the access will be limited (mainly available when the boat is closer to land).

Our TV/HIFI system can be used for your needs in arrangement with the dive guides.

We serve you three meals and one snack with fresh juice per day onboard our BWS boats. Breakfast is usually eggs cooked to your choice (omelets, fried, or scrambled), pancakes, toast, bred, fresh fruit and veggies, cereal, cheese and sausages. Lunch and evening meals usually consist of lots of fresh vegetables, rice, noodles, chicken, beef and fish. Snacks (cookies and fruits) are available all time. In the afternoon we offer a snack with fruits, pastry and fresh juice. If you have any individual dietary requirements, please ensure that you notify your travel agency at the point of booking. Please note that specific brands of foods and soft drinks are often unavailable in Egypt, and that it can be very difficult for us to find low-fat or soy products that are common elsewhere. While we always do our best to accommodate your requests, please we would like to ask you to bring some of your own foods along with you if the lack thereof may constitute a health risk or seriously compromise your enjoyment of your holiday.

Soft drinks, water, coffee, several teas and juices are for free on all the BWS boats. Alcoholic drinks such as beer and wine have to be paid at the end of the trip.

Smoking is permitted in the outdoor areas with the exception of the divedeck. Windproof ash trays will be provided for your use. Do not throw any cigarette ends over board. Smoking is NOT permitted anywhere inside the boat.

The bathroom has European standards but please do not throw in any case toilet paper or other sanitary articles into the toilet to avoid obstructions. Therefor we have special containers in all bathrooms.

Towels (one small and one big towel) are available for each guest which will be exchanged in the middle of the week. As well a bathrobe is offered for all our guests.

Sleeping outside on the decks is possible. You should bring your own sleeping bag with you. You can use the mattresses of the sun decks as a pad.

On board we do not accept credit cards or cheques. Please take sufficient cash money with you. You can pay in Euro, US$ or in Egyptian pound.

A „Bakschisch“ also known as tips is more expected than in some other countries. We recommend 30 – 40 Euro tip for the crew per person and week.


Life-jackets are in each cabin. The inflating life rafts are located on the upper deck. We have fire extinguishers and smoke detectors in all cabins, the salon and the engine room. Each boat is also equipped with a fire extinguishing-hose.

On all boats we have minimum one 50l oxygen tank with mask for diving emergency. Of course a first aid kit with quite safe medicine for diving and an infusion kit are on all our boats.

The satellite phone is basic equipment on all Golden Dolphin Safari World boats.